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Amethyst is a semi-precious stone, comes in a variety of purple colour. Amethyst stone belongs to the quartz family. The colour of this stone varies from deep purple to light pinkish-violet. The semi-precious stone is known for its unique colour, transparency, and affordability. Natural Amethyst (Jamunia) stone is also known as February Birthstone. Once available for only royalty, now the relatively high supplies have made amethyst more available in modern times.

Amethyst gemstone has a Mohs hardness of 7, which makes it high on hardness and scratch resistance. Therefore, used in jewelry craving. Amethyst stone is also used as the astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire, helps in dealing with the deep emotional pain, mental traumas, and deals with the negative energies. Buy Amethyst (Jamunia) Online as it is effective in curing insomnia, relieving stress, headaches, and migraines.

Best Quality Amethyst Stone or Jamunia Stone Online For Sale

Amethyst is the most valuable quartz. People prefer saturated reddish-purple colour then dark purple, as amethyst might look black under dim lighting, reddish-purple is the finest colour of an amethyst gemstone. The clarity of the amethyst gemstone is eye-clean, meaning it lacks eye-visible inclusions. Amethyst stone can be cut in a variety of shapes and cuts, includes rounds, ovals, pears, emerald cuts, triangles, etc makes the popular stone. Amethyst (Katella) Gemstone Online India is available in all size ranges.

Buy Amethyst Stones in Jaipur: Trusted Gemstones Supplier

Amethyst is the semi-precious stones that are found in abundance in Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Korea, etc. Africa and South America produce the finest amethyst stone. The most valuable amethyst know as Siberian amethysts, have deep purple colour. You can Buy Certified Amethyst Stone Online India from Anchal gems. We offer a wide range of natural and certified amethyst stones and jewelry. We are the trusted Jamunia Amethyst gemstone manufacturer and wholesaler in Jaipur India.

The quality of amethyst stones varies with places as it is found in the different parts of the world. The amethyst stone crystal found in African are usually quite small and the large size amethysts are found in South American. The most notable and finest comes from Brazil.

Amethyst stone is the loved and appreciated gemstone. Amethyst stones are extremely beautiful stone. Amethyst Stone Online for Sale has a wide range of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, etc. adorns with purple stone.

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