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Many of us believe in wearing the gemstones according to our birth months and there are different stones that are assigned to particular months. Some of them are very commonly available, but some are actually rare. Labradorite, which is said to be the February and March birthstone, is one of the rarely found stones. Labradorite belongs to Feldspar Family and it is one of the most recognized stones because of its play of colors. Labradorite stone price in India is quite affordable and also available in a number of colors including gray, gray-white, brown, greenish, pale green, blue, yellow, and even colorless. Labradorite stone price in India ranges from Rs. 500-Rs 30000. It is believed that this stone helps to temper the negative side of an individual’s personality. And also works on all the negative energies that hamper our life and lead to depression. It also helps the anti-social people by making them socialize more and even detoxifies the effects of tobacco and alcohol. There are many more good effects of Labradorite such as it brings positivity, keeps you energetic and focused, and many more.

Best Labradorite Gemstone Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Jaipur India

All you need to do is to make sure that the stone that you will buy should be Certified Labradorite Gemstone. We at Anchal Gems deal in Natural Labradorite Stone at Wholesale price. You can also buy Labradorite stone online from our website while sitting in any corner of the country. We are a trusted name in the Jaipur Gems and jewelry market and a popular Labradorite Stone manufacturer and exporter in Jaipur, India.
If you are looking forward to buying a Labradorite stone online or any other Precious or Semi Precious Gemstone then do not forget to visit our site, also, if you are a Jaipurite, you are most welcome to our store anytime. Here you will get the best quality gemstones including Labradorite Stone at the Best Price in India.

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